HugeDomains Stole My Domain Name

HugeDomains Stole My Domain Name

But they’ll never take my freedom!

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My website is was  I picked this as my domain name because .com was already taken.  At the time, I imagined was owned by another Dennis John, doing whatever it is that other Dennis Johns do, but decided to check yesterday.  It is not owned by another Dennis John.

A visit to redirects to a website called who are selling the domain name at the bargain price of $2,395! [Since the time of writing, this has risen to $8595.]  To put this in perspective, cost about $10 when I purchased it.  So why the price? buy/own hundreds of thousands of domain names (mainly .com as these are more ‘valuable’) and sell them at massively inflated prices.  And the price of is low on their standards; costs $38,000 while will set you back a cool $50,000.  Bear in mind that these are just the prices for the domain names – you will still have to build, host and maintain your own website.

So while this corporate cybersquatting is clearly big business (HugeDomains are also selling for a mere $7,500,000), these business practices are not illegal.

Cybersquatting is purchasing a domain name that could be passed off as an existing entity (usually a company) with the intent of selling it to said entity for a high mark-up or using it for malicious purposes; like if I bought and attempted to get you to enter your gmail password or sell the name to Google.  This is illegal in the US under bad faith concepts and in the UK under ‘passing off’ laws.  Where companies like hugedomains get around this is to call the practice ‘domain name speculation‘.  This is where a company acquires many (read, thousands and thousands) of non-trademarked domain names with the intent of selling them at a higher value to anyone who will buy them.  Basically, cybersquatting is legal if you do it en masse and don’t infringe on any existing trademark.

The greedy bastard behind this exploitative operation is Andrew Reberry, the owner of TurnCommerce which, in turn (geddit?!), owns HugeDomains as well as NameBright and DropCatch.  Mr. Reberry purchases over 35,000 domains a month ranking him second in the world for this practice, just behind a shady private registrant (possibly a collective) and just ahead of an illegal Chinese Whois.  Despite this profiteering, Andrew ‘not Dennis John’ Reberry has the tenacity to claim that his company are building ‘a better internet’.  How is pricing normal people and businesses out of the online market for personal gain making for ‘a better internet’?

So, while corporate cybersquatting should be illegal as it is unethical and is causing inflation of domain name prices, it remains legal (because, money).  It is also worth noting that Andrew Reberry and co. are not the only ones in on this and as we begin running out of .com domain names, we may be looking at paying a fortune to get them back.

Thankfully, many new domain name extensions have been released, such as .biz and .beer (  This will perhaps cause .com to plummet in value and level the playing field.  Probably not in the near future as .com is pretty ingrained into public conscious but maybe one day.

And finally, (note the hyphen) is being legitimately used by another Dennis John.  He draws quality pictures, you should check his stuff out.

5 thoughts on “HugeDomains Stole My Domain Name

  1. my domain name expired with go daddy.. a word that i literally created, that is not a real word and has no definition(other than the made up one we gave it lol).. in fact, i checked it multiple times every year, since the internet began, and no one had ever created a domain for it..cause it simply didn’t exist!

    I finally bought the dot com, net and org from go daddy, when i finally could afford it. I didn’t do anything with it, i just wanted to have it for future plans. I later got very very ill and when renewal came up, i was on a different CC anyway so it couldn’t do it automatically..I let it slip as i was so ill i wasn’t even checking email, and was bed ridden for 2 months.. Huge domains now “owns” this domain.. even though i had paid go daddy for privacy protection, i got hundreds of spam emails as soon as it expired, offering the domain to a huge price.. I just thought it would eventually expire and i’d be able to get it again and be more vigilant this time.. nope.. they are desperate to hang on to it.. first offering it at a cool $1700 LOL.. added it to cart out of curiosity, and it jumped to 2695 LOL (i guess because i checked it’s availability)…they are disgusting excuses of human beings.. i am a disabled pensioner and i absolutely revile preying scum like this.. I can only hope they get their just desserts.. It is literally my word that i created with a friend 25 years ago. Amazing. It was a personal joke between us, it doesn’t even mean anything.
    But me and my best friend who created it, use it daily in conversation.. we are the only 2 people on planet earth that use the word.. it’s a thing between us and us only.. no one will ever ever buy it from huge domains, but they’ll hold it till my dying day so i can’t have it. I feel like trademarking the word and have evidence of me creating the word as there’s still an email from 20 years back discussing said creation. Would this give me an advantage in court?


  2. I was also screwed by these bastards, I sat and waited for years for a domain name to become available, dropped into auction, i was the only bidder at $10 and these guys nipped in and nabbed the domain name when i was sleeping and the auction was just finishing. They then tried to sell it to me for $10k, I would sooner spend $10k on a hitman and serve the justice they deserve. They will never sell the domain as i have all the others and will keep them just to spite their business practices…


  3. Thank you for sharing this! I cannot belive this is legal! I am currently running into the same problem. A domain name that would otherwise be roughly $20.00 to purchase is now supposidly $3,000.00 becuase “Huge Domains” wants me to buy it from them? Ridiculous.


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