The War on Sharing

Coming soon, the new album “The War on Sharing” available exclusively on USB.

1. Traditional music copyright is restrictive – it is illegal to
distribute copyrighted music freely. Therefore, the music on the
album will be released under CC BY-SA 4.0, the most free license
available for recorded music outside of CC0/Public Domain.
2. Modern commercial software is restrictive – it is illegal (and
often technically difficult) to distribute software freely.
Therefore, only software licensed under GPL v3.0 will be used
3. The modern economy is based around capitalist principles taken
to their extreme, known as neoliberalism. Thatcher and Reagan’s
dismantling of society as a collective required a huge shift in
cultural thought with the aim of creating a “Society of Individuals”
to suit better the neoliberal economy. This has been acheived by
demonising the working class and doing away with the traditional
idea that the better-off in society should help the worse off.
Fighting against this change is a major underpinning of the album.
4. In more general terms, anytime anyone does not speak out when they know they should, whether coerced directly by others or indirectly
in themselves, this is a form of the War on Sharing.